Ardet nec consumitur

Current Members: 

Henry Steen, James Irish, Aidan Doyle, Claire Rocky, Parker Moss, Shayla Morgan, Suzanne Drapeau, Sandy Ho, Joslyn Chen, and Abby Luis.

House Background​
Founded during the Renaissance, Snowpex turns out some of the most artistic and sophisticated individuals of every generation. Yet as their motto implies they have been burned. The ultimate test of a Snowpex is how they respond to their challenges in life. As a painter, poet, astronomer and most importantly a woman, Eliza Snowpex faced many obstacles during her lifetime but hid her struggle with aplomb and grace. She, like her descendants, developed a knack for dealing with difficulties by conducting focused and positive introspection. But make no mistake, there is darkness lying beneath the calm exterior of a Snowpex. This sinister side generally doesn’t manifest in a Snowpex until his/her early twenties. But when it does come, it is a swift and powerful transformation that gets the best of many.


House Colors: Black and Purple

Founding Date: 1508

Animal Symbol: Sea lion

Motto: Ardet nec consumitur

Founder: Eliza Snowpex

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