Panem et circenses

Current Members

Brendan Parker, Broghan Dowler, Gwen South-Moran, Dima Marker, Scotty Taylor, Skyelar D'Angelo Silva, Spencer Lord, and Brodin Raymond.


House Background

Members of Pandor house are well trusted and have strong networking skills especially later in life. They enter different social circles with grace and often gain high regard. While control is an important factor in the life of a Pandor, they cannot always control their emotions. They have a darker side that develops more heavily after age 18 and, as evidenced by the great demise of their founder Julias Pandor, this transition can get the best of them


House Colors: Orange and Black

House Founded : 1864


Animal Symbol: Honey badger 


Motto: Panem et circenses


Founder: Julius Pandor

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