Amicus protectio fortis

Current Members


Zack Dempster, Joseph Parascondola, Mary Houldin, Kyla Steen, Audrey Brass, Lucy McKay, Monica Vasquez, Laura Flake, and Sharon Kaufman.

House Background

The oldest of all four houses, Legendaws have turned out some of the wisest and most cunning members of society. Yet, as their animal symbol indicates, they have a tendency to run themselves off cliffs - metaphorically speaking - and in the case of their founder, Leopold Legendaw, quite literally. Legendaws are generally very passionate about their interests. They care less about pleasing everyone and more about pleasing themselves/close friends. They are not generally the most well-rounded individuals but they tend to know more than anyone when it comes to their interest(s). They are also quite mercurial individuals and will change themselves depending on who they are around. This is also how they get into trouble however as they are not the most emotionally stable. A darker side develops in Legendaws more heavily after age 19 and they do not always handle this transition


House Colors: Red and Grey 

Founded: 1396

Animal Symbol: Lemming 

Motto: Amicus protectio fortis 

Founder: Leopold Legendaw

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