The First House Hunt


On the eve of the Spring Equinox in 1398, Leopold Legendaw (a Scot, and therefore a staunch Pagan) was holding a feast for his fellow house members. However, as the festivities were about to commence, Leopold suddenly realized his favorite goblet had gone missing. The feast simply could not commence without his prized goblet, so he and his housemates scoured the castle and grounds until it seemed all hope was lost. However, it was eventually revealed that the court jester had hidden it with the crown jewels. Not only was this a cause for celebration because the goblet had been found, but it was a momentous occasion for the house as a whole as it was the first time many house members first glimpsed the Legendaw crown jewels. Upon returning to the banquet, goblet restored to its rightful owner, Legendaw exclaimed “I do declare, t’was the most whimsical jest of the season!” Thus, the House Hunt was born. 

The Double Life of Eliza Snowpex


Eliza Snowpex’s life was, until quite recently, shrouded in mystery. House historians knew she was the house founder but had no physical evidence of her having been anything else, except the wife of a duke. It was not until recently that her secret career as one of Italy’s most esteemed blacksmiths was discovered. Her pseudonym, Edward Shrewsbury, was widely renowned as one of the greatest blacksmiths of the time. The Snowpex house was also founded in the very forge where she worked, yet another reason the origins of this house are shrouded in mystery. It would seem, that after forging a lantern as a gift for Emilia Legendaw, a descendant of Leopold Legendaw, she and her many apprentices were personally invited to form their own house, and join the house hunt as esteemed guests. Thus the second house was formed. Eliza was quiet about her involvement in the house hunt, it seemed that even her husband had no knowledge of her career, or her house. Rather, her apprentices carried on the tradition of the Snowpex house. 

The Ascension of Julias Pandor. 


Julias Pandor came from a decently wealthy family in Ontario, Canada. His father, Cesar Pandor, was the owner of a wildly successful Cigar manufacturer, and of course wanted his only son, Julias, to take on the family business when he came of age. However, Julias was wholly uninterested in cigars and is quoted as saying “cigars are only fit for the weak of mind and foul of breath.” Instead, he became engrossed with the mythology and antics of a European tradition that was shrouded in mystery, the house hunt. His original request to add him and a group of his closest friends to the organization was quickly dismissed. No new house had been formed in nearly four centuries. However, Julius and his closest friends were undeterred and made what is agreed by many house historians to be the most thrilling entrance to a house hunt ever made. He and his new house crossed the Atlantic to ambush the first task of the hunt, tackling any who stood in their way, a tradition which was famously carried on in later years by house captain, Ethan Escobar. Pandor made it his life's work to bring the house hunt to the new world. 

The Infamous Demise of Beaux Brumblin


Beaux Brumblin was a somewhat controversial figure both in life and within the house hunt. His many adventurous business schemes and several proposals to make additions to the rules of the house hunt were at first met with great enthusiasm, but after a time, met with exasperation and skepticism. No doubt he was a great entrepreneurial genius of the time, however, his ever-active mind caused him to abandon ventures as quickly as he devised them. In his later years, he became increasingly reclusive, insisting that no one appreciated his superior intellect except for his beloved pet surgeonfish, Beatrice Bramble Brumblin, whom he kept in a secret room under lock and key. His final days were spent almost entirely in that room, and one day, he went into the room on two feet and left in a coffin. The circumstances of his death are rather mysterious, however most house historians suspect foul play at the hand of Beatrice because his mortal wounds looked to be fin-shaped and a last-minute amendment to his will and testament left his fortune and estate in its entirety, to Beatrice.  

The Great House Hunt of 2017

by Max Ringer 



Due to the secretive nature of the House Hunt, many specifics regarding the rules and scoring mechanisms remained shrowded in mystery. This was in part to protect against possible attempts to "game the system." And also because of the transience of any formal structure given to this activity. That being said, there are criteria for picking a winner that can be detailed out here for the different Houses to understand. 

While points by no means determine the champion, they are a useful indicator of success. When weighing the point system the most important elements were the number of House heirlooms collected with slightly less value given to the number of tasks completed as a house.

As far as final point totals, this was a thriller. With less than 24 hours before all scores were finalized(as specified in the original House Hunt email) there was an unprecedented switch up between first and second place spurred by a sibling betrayal of biblical proportions. I'm referring of course to when Campbell Coughlin of 4th place Snowpex, snuck into Legendaw captain Tucker Coughlin's backpack to retrieve the 20 point variable plate which had been stolen by Legendaw from Brumblein hardly a week prior. In a move that hurt Legendaw far more than it helped Snowpex, Campbell allowed Brumblein to regain the lead they'd held so dominantly for the majority of the House Hunt.
The final standings were then cemented as such:
1. Brumbelin
2. Legendaw 
3. Snowpex
4. Pandor 

Now as for variable factors what i considered most heavily were participation, grit and spirit. 
The first special acknowledgement here must be made to Ethan Escobar of Pandor. Ethan epitomized the determination of Pandor by his many attempts at tackling Fenner(R.I.P. - Rest In Prague) and overall zest with witch he approached the more physical challenges.  He also gave new meaning to the term "street rules" in his acquisition of the coveted Santa painting which is important seeing as creativity and boundary pushing are always valued during the House Hunt scoring process.Other distinctions belong to Bella Brodsky and Lily Moreno-Sheridan of Brumbelin who maintained an unmatched level of consistency in their completion of House tasks, while simultaneously acquiring something of a villain status for Brumbelin.  This is perhaps fitting given the reputation of their founder Beaux, in relation to the other Houses...

Final credit should be given to the sibling power house of Cambell and Tucker Coughlin for carrying their respective, often dejected House members on their backs for a majority of the Hunt.

Personal honors aside, the key to winning phase 1 of House Hunt was commitment. Throwing yourself into something you don't totally understand can be difficult for many. But you can not win a phase, never mind the House crown by staying passive. This puts tremendous pressure on the captains to keep their house's focused and motivated.

The only two teams that competed in every challenge were Pandor and Brumbelin making them the two finalists for a phase 1 victory. Snowpex and Legendaw both had occasions where they could have been participated but opted out, eliminating them from serious contention. This is a good example of where the points matter. Had Legendaw for instance finished with the most points, one of the perks is that they would have been exempt from any such a disqualification.

Between Pandor and Brumbelin the victory went to whoever deciphered what the BWW tagline meant attached to all House emails. This was ultimately achieved by Brumbelin making them the rightful phase 1 champions. Only fitting that Brumbelin captain Fenner Stevens died for a winning cause. May the laurels of victory be spread across his grave.

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