Carpe Noctem

Current Members:
Chris Carrara, Virginia Steen, Carolyn Huegi, Ariel Battlesteen, Aliyah Morgan, Liliah Poston Theresa McSpedon, Kathryn Schwarz, Lockey Coughlin, Monica Hruschka

House Background

Although the most recent house to be founded, Brumblin has developed a storied history, on par with the other houses, producing many notable alumni in a significantly condensed time frame. They often hold positions of power or leadership in their communities or preside as a highly regarded member. Started as an eating club by the great Beaux Brumblin, Brumblin House roared with activists and business venturers during its conception throughout the 1920s but lulled significantly in the following decade. This fact is perhaps reflective of a typical Brumblin’s sporadic achievement history. While they can accomplish great things in short amounts of time, they often go months without exercising their potential at all. This is why outside contact and the attitudes of other people are so important to a Brumblin’s productivity. When not properly appreciated or acknowledged, Brumblins can develop a much darker side. This is evidenced by the notorious demise of house founder, Beaux Brumblin at the hand of his own surgeonfish.


House Colors: Blue and Gold 

Founded: 1921

Animal Symbol: Surgeonfish 

Motto: Carpe Noctum 

Founder: Beaux Brumblin 

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